Sharing, Data and GRID

We launched another GRID instance a week ago with a final training session for their staff and community groups, run by Tracey and myself here in Perth.  More about that separately!

Thanks to the investment from State NRM in GRID, via the South West Catchment Council project to enhance GRID further,  we can now share Activity definitions between the groups that use GRID, which really bootstraps new users in the system. They can get Activities from their colleagues that have had a lot of thought put into them, and get started very quickly.


Activity definition in GRID is easy to implement – but requires considerable thought about what you are capturing – and why!

One of the other benefits realised by our new client  was the investment from the State NRM project in consolidated data updates.  Through this funding, we are able to deliver updated datasets to all GRID users, and can do so through a range of different mechanisms (including web services, so the data is “live” or direct from the source). This really does mean that the groups get access to the latest spatial data as context to their Activity data, which has been a boon for many of them!

We are showing off GRID this week at the State NRM and Coastal Conference, where we are also manning a stand and participating in a range of activities – including a roadmapping workshop on the future of GRID with our NRM clients.  We last did this at the previous State NRM conference in 2015, and this is part of our commitment to ensuring that the system remains relevant to the NRM community, and we can work towards developing it even further in the coming years.  But more on the outcomes of that workshop in a future blog!

If you’re interested in GRID, please feel free to drop me an email, or call either myself or Chris in the Perth office on (08) 92277309.  Or, as usual, you can start a conversation with us via FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.


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