Since 2004, Gaia Resources has developed many different software products which, along with our services, enable us to provide holistic solutions to our clients.

Current products

  • GRID – Geographic & Reporting Information Database – an easy to use online GIS for Natural Resource Management groups,
  • Hydra – a software stack that enables biological data collection using flexible schema models, through web interfaces or to mobile apps.

Deprecated products
Our software products are built as a solution for a particular client or business sector and often have a finite lifetime as needs or funds necessitate.

  • BDRS – Biological Data Recording System – a software stack that enabled data collection using a flexible schema and BDRS Mobile – the mobile toolkit we used to built a range of BDRS apps on (deprecated 2017),
  • SEED Suite – a codebase we used for many projects prior to 2015, and
  • Earth 2.0 – a software suite we developed to help manage biological data (deprecated 2014),
  • HermesLite – a tool developed to resolve firewall issues when delivering Darwin Core data (deprecated 2012),
  • WordPress Plugins – plugins we used to link up the BDRS to WordPress sites.