Away at the ESA

We’ve been here at the Ecological Society of Australia 2008 conference here in Sydney for three days now, manning the... Continue reading →

GeoEye-1 Launch

In late November I had the opportunity to attend the product launch for the GeoEye-1 Earth Imaging satellite The GeoEye-1... Continue reading →


Andrew and Piers are back from the Ecological Society of Australia conference in Sydney, and we’re all hands on deck... Continue reading →

FREE Landsat

It’s a few days after the event, but it is still worth blogging:   The bit that’s exciting:  ... Continue reading →

More birds…

Piers has just updated the Digital Birding Database with a few more records from his surveys, including his sightings from... Continue reading →

HermesLite Update

I’ve been really pleased with the interest in HermesLite since we put it “out there”.   HermesLite wasn’t something we... Continue reading →

The Athlete Returns

Tim’s back from competing in the Noosa Triathlon, and he’s added a post about his experiences in our blog.  ... Continue reading →

Triathlons and Koalas

I returned from Queensland last night having competed in the Noosa Triathlon on Sunday 2nd November. It was a fantastic... Continue reading →

Position Closed

We’ve finished the recruitment drive for the GIS Graduate position.  Interviews for the position will start in December once the... Continue reading →


he guys over at Oceanica are participating in Movember this year, an event which is best described using their own... Continue reading →


We’ve started planning for next year, and are looking to add another GIS person to our team.  We’re looking for... Continue reading →