Piers Higgs

About Piers Higgs

Piers is the founder and Director of Gaia Resources, and has worked with the environmental industry for most of his career, and has a range of experience in GIS, ecology and data management.

TDWG 2023

Last week was the first TDWG conference I’ve been to since the Fremantle one in 2008, and I was really... Continue reading →

Biodiversity Data in Western Australia

We have been quietly involved in the Biodiversity Information Office (BIO) for some time (since 2020 https://archive.gaiaresources.com.au/biodiversity-initiatives-australia/ right through to... Continue reading →

EOFY again

We’ve just ticked past the end of another financial year, and Gaia Resources is now 18!  I have to say,... Continue reading →

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