Online Training

Gaia Resources has run office-based environmentally-focused Quantum GIS (QGIS) training for a number of years, both at our premises and at the offices of our clients.  We still offer these classroom based training courses, but thanks to support from the South Coast NRM Project Dieback and the Western Australian Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program we are now able to offer it  as a freely available online course.  You can watch the introduction from our CEO, Piers Higgs, via the video below.

What does the training entail?

Please note: We have developed the online training course in the 2.18 Long Term Release (LTR) version of QGIS, and with the release of the 3.4 LTR, we are looking for feedback on this course and opportunities to upgrade it to the 3.4 version.  Please email with any feedback or opportunities, and stay tuned for updates on this via our social media feeds (FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn) or our blog.  Our face-to-face training course is consistently updated along with QGIS and will be delivered in a current version – see more about this training here.

The training course covers the same material as the classroom-based course:

  • Introduction to GIS,
  • Introduction to coordinate reference systems,
  • Familiarising yourself with QGIS,
  • Data formats, structure and review,
  • Data theming,
  • Importing data and amending attributes,
  • Using expressions/ field calculator,
  • Creating, modifying and joining data,
  • Cleaning data,
  • Geoprocessing and other handy tools,
  • Useful sources of spatial information/web map service connections, and
  • Making maps!

How do I get started?

You can start watching the Youtube videos straight away on our Gaia Resources YouTube channel.  As we work through additional course materials, then we’ll add more videos to the series.

What about the manual and sample data?

If you’d like to get hold of the manual and sample data, just email us via and we’ll send them to you.  We do this so that we can see who’s using our courses, and so we can get feedback from you.  We’ll also subscribe you to our mailing list for future updates to the course and about Gaia Resources in our monthly newsletter.

Who else uses this?

We keep track of the use of the course so that we can elicit feedback and see how useful it is for the broader community – and as part of that we ask people where they are from when they request it.  The map below shows the spread of people using the course around the globe.