A new home for Australian Citizen Science

We’ve recently redeveloped the website for the Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) website: http://citizenscience.org.au.  We’ve provided a range of support to the ACSA over the years, including helping set up their initial attending their conferences, and helping to run specific workshops such as the one we helped organise in Brisbane.

This project involved a re-skinning their current WordPress website, which was previously built on a non-standard Corpo theme, and migrated across to a much more standard base theme, and redesigned. Importantly, the new system also includes a range of membership and online payment facilities that will be launched in coming weeks, this will enable ACSA to create membership levels and create sub-groups within the site that can be used by Citizen Science groups.

The site is currently in a soft launch to publicise the Australian Citizen Science Conference: http://citizenscience.org.au/citscioz18-conference-information/ in February next year. The website will be officially launched when the new the online membership portal is publicly released.

But enough said, take a look around at the new site, and take a look at what the Australian Citizen Science Association has to offer. If you’re interested in getting involved, register your interest to become a founding member – a bunch of our team are already registered!

Screen shot of the new ACSA website


For more information about how we can help with your own web site needs, contact me directly, or call me in the Brisbane office on (07) 3063 0418.  Alex is the best person to speak to about how we can help with your citizen science projects, and he can be contacted via email, or in our Perth office on (08) 92277309.


P.S. Or, you can get hold of us via the various social media feeds we operate – FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

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