Spatial Support – Woodside


Over the course of several years, Gaia Resources has seconded employees to Woodside Energy to deliver a wide range of spatial services. These included carrying out the tasks below:

  • Developing interactive web maps to visualise project locations and key data points for New Energy initiatives.
  • Creating customised GIS applications to assist in project planning, site selection, and resource optimization.
  • Conducting geospatial analysis to identify suitable sites for renewable energy installations.
  • Managing and maintaining a geospatial database, ensuring data accuracy and accessibility for project teams.

Through these projects, we’ve gained valuable insight into the new energy industries. Our work has encompassed ventures like hydrogen, ammonia and solar energy generation and expanded on our efforts in the environmental data standards arena. By working with Woodside Energy, we’ve established our expertise across multiple facets of GIS in the energy domain.


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