Northern Territory Flora Systems Review


Gaia Resources was engaged in 2023 by the Northern Territory’s Department of the Environment Parks and Water Security to evaluate their flora systems.

This involved reviewing three systems – the specimen management system HOLTZE, the Vegetation Site Database and the Flora NT external website – to develop an understanding of the current state.  Through workshops and interviews a baseline of the system capacity was established, as well as the strategic imperatives for the future of the systems.  This project also included considerable review of data types and data standards within these systems.

Once this was determined, an evaluation of the options for moving these systems forward was developed, that was undertaken against a robust evaluation framework, developed from the baseline.

Through an interactive process, the roadmap was then developed in conjunction with the key NT government decision making staff, so that a clear path towards the future state could be developed collaboratively.


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Project details
  • Client: Department of the Environment, Parks and Water Security
  • Date: 2023

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