Implementation of the Biodiversity Information Office


Following on from the design of the Biodiversity Information Office (BIO), we were engaged to develop the Biodiversity Information Office systems.  This work commenced in 2021 and the launch was undertaken in June 2022.

The systems that were developed as part of this work includes:

  • Data Submission – a means to deliver data into the BIO systems, which includes a data submission form that enables data providers to map their data to data standards, 
  • Data Curation and Storage – the main engine of the BIO systems, this is where data is received, stored and actively curated by the BIO team members, 
  • Data Delivery – delivering the key system for the interface with the BIO data, which was designed with Liquid Interactive, and
  • Taxonomic Names Management – a separate system (Nomos) was developed to assist the WA taxonomic names regulators in managing taxonomic names.

This project implemented the designs and plans that were created in the previous project, and has delivered an innovative and robust biodiversity repository for Western Australia.


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Project details
  • Client: Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
  • Date: June 2022

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