Design of the Biodiversity Information Office


In 2021, we were engaged to undertake a significant amount of business analysis over a short period to assist the BIO team in developing a roadmap for the future of the systems development for BIO. To undertake this, our team developed four separate documents:

  • A Gap Analysis Report – reviewing the work done to date, and documenting the current state of BIO, 
  • An Information Architecture Report – determining the future state for the data workflows and management for BIO, 
  • A Technical Architecture Report – determining the future state of the technology that could be utilised to deliver the systems for BIO, and
  • A Work Packages Report – creating a roadmap for the BIO team to use to move from the current to the future state, and to determine how best to deliver these components.

This project delivered a number of additional benefits for the BIO team, including providing support for the existing staff, advice on a range of topics and was delivered on time and budget.


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Project details
  • Client: Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
  • Date: 2021

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