OEPA GIS Health Check


In mid 2017, the Office of the Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) approached Gaia Resources to review its GIS environment. The GIS team at OEPA wanted to have a closer look at data management, software, hardware, standards and processes to realise efficiency and quality benefits within their environmental approval workflows. They recognised their spatial information required more organisation and a consistent storage approach reflecting the Office’s approval workflow, allowing the team to discover and quickly access the right information, with a set of processes the team could rally around.

Two consultants from Gaia Resources went through a discovery phase to understand the current state of play. Workshops and interviews allowed them to describe a future state that would realise the organisation’s objectives. Finally a set of prioritised, practical recommendations allowed OEPA to focus in on realising early value, and to address the most urgent priorities.

As part of a second phase, Gaia Resources were then engaged for two weeks to help transition certain elements of the OEPA GIS environment by implementing some of the higher priority recommendations. This involved close collaboration with the team itself while they continued with their core work of supporting the EPA.

“The Health Check helped us to see areas we were lacking in and even exposed the failing of some network drive back-up systems – allowing us to fix the issue before any catastrophic loss of data occurred. Overall the project was worthwhile and has made a lasting and positive difference to our work practices!” – Claire Hawke, Senior GIS Analyst, OEPA

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