Mapping State NRM historical grant projects


In 2017 the State NRM Office wanted to take a closer look at their historical grant projects and understand where government investment had occurred in previous years.

To enable this study, Gaia Resources converted a standalone database of hundreds of individual projects into a GIS layer and published it to the State NRM GRID application so that information about natural resource management project activities (e.g. fencing, coastal rehabilitation, weed management, planting, community workshops) and investment dollars could be compared over time and across other layers like local government areas and regions. The spatial team at Gaia Resources also compiled data from associated spreadsheets, reports and internet research to add value to the grant projects layer, so that staff could use it as a primary reference point for project descriptions and contact points.

In a subsequent engagement in 2018, Community Stewardship grant boundaries were added.

The resulting data helps to inform future grant investment strategy, and has saved staff many hours of effort otherwise spent in locating historical project folders and information across multiple locations. The team at the State NRM office now have that information at their fingertips and, through the GIS tools in their GRID application, have the capability to generate statistics and reports on the fly.


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Project details
  • Client: StateNRM Office
  • Date: November, 2017

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