For a while I’ve been keen to create a newsletter for Gaia Resources.  So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been playing around with Mailchimp to get a basic newsletter created.  I’ve just published the sign up form in the footer of our web pages (see below) or you can sign up here within Mailchimp itself.

In order to comply with spam legislation, we’re not going to start with a subscription list that we pull out of our records and email contacts.  We’re going to ask that people who are interested in receiving this email newsletter to sign up to it via our web site and then you’ll receive the newsletter once you have done so.

The first newsletter email can be found via the Mailchimp service here for you to read – you still have to go to the link above to sign up.

The idea of this newsletter is pretty simple.  At the start of each month we will send out an email with a short “what we’re up to” block, and then details of three of our blog articles.  It’s going to be low-volume and we aim to keep it short and to the point – you can always go to our web site to read more about the blog articles themselves.

Of course, you can always keep up to date with us via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or via this blog, as well.


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