Bootstrapping small archives

The last couple of days has seen Morgan and I at the Australian Society of Archivists national conference, held here in Perth.  I’ve previously attended them at Parramatta and Melbourne, and this year I reviewed our musings from the past (Smaller Archives, Technology and Forever , and A way forward for small archives), and then wrangled in my colleagues and good friends from Hudson Molonglo and Recordkeeping Innovation, James Bullen and Kerry Gordon (and of course, dragged Morgan into it as well), and we came up with this slide deck for the workshop:

As part of this approach, we provided two main tools to the attendees:

  • A “self assessment” Excel worksheet which looks at an organisation’s capabilities, and provides some guidance into what you could look for in terms of a road map, and
  • A simple Excel template that is a simple way of implementing the Australian Series System, as guided by the “Describing Archives in Context: A Guide to Australasian Practice” publication from the ASA.

We hope that this really does meet some of the needs of the community and those involved in the workshop – if you want to know more then feel free to contact either myself, James or Kerry to ask us any questions you might have.  Stay tuned for a proper wrap up of the conference in the coming week – or otherwise, take a peek at the #asa2018 hashtag.



  1. Fraser Faithfull October 1, 2018 9:50 am 

    Piers thanks again for your wise and thought-provoking presentation, and the work of your team and fellow presenters at the ASA conference.

    • Piers Higgs
      Piers Higgs October 2, 2018 8:30 am 

      No problems Fraser – great to catch up with you!