On Friday we left the office early and headed up to Hillarys Boat Harbour for Mel’s (sort of) farewell bash. Mel finishes working full-time for us next week.

We started with a really nice lunch at the Breakwater Tavern, where we had a nice meal and a refreshing beverage before we headed over to the Aquarium of Western Australia, accompanied by Dr. Brett Molony from the Department of Fisheries.  Brett (a Fisheries Scientist) helped give us a tour around the Aquarium and talked to us about a whole range of things, from some basic biology through to discussions about recreational fishing licences.

After a couple of hours checking out the exhibits around the Aquarium, including interactive touch pools and all sorts of fun things, we headed back to the Breakwater for just a couple more refreshing beverages.

While we are going to miss having Mel around the office, we refused to say goodbye to her.  While in the UK, Mel’s going to continue to work with us, on some projects that can be done remotely, so while she’ll be on the other side of the planet, she’ll still be part of the team.

Speaking of which, here’s a team photo – but there are four people missing; myself, Akeal, Matt and Andrew.  One day we’ll actually get a picture of every Gaia Resources staff member in the same place…IMG_4026

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