Wildlife Licensing System


Our team have worked on a range of different projects with the Department of Parks and Wildlife over time, and in early 2017 we saw the launch of our work on the new Wildlife Licensing System.

This project included considerable analysis of the existing Wildlife Licensing System, which was nearing its end of life, and looked at how to replicate the required outcomes, but also to deliver on more efficient licencing for both the Department and the many clients that acquire licences from the Department.

In conjunction with the Departmental Office of Information Management, the system was developed that also links to the new password-less login system and payment gateway.  This integration included considerable work between the teams and for much of the time our team was on-site at the Department to ensure strong communication between all parties.

The system went live in January, 2017, and our team continues to work with the Department on this, and other, projects.


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