State-Wide Dieback Framework


Over the years, we have worked with South Coast NRM on several Dieback initiatives, including online systems such as DIDMS (based on our BDRS product), and a range of other projects.  For one of these projects, we have been working in 2013 on the State-wide Dieback Investment and Management Framework.

This project has involved a large amount of spatial analysis, compiling a range of datasets and analysing the results to provide a robust method of assessing areas in the south-west of Western Australia for their environmental values (e.g. threatened species) and their likelihood of infestation from the Dieback pathogen.

This has been a long running project, involving workshops, significant spatial analysis and ongoing research.  The results include the definition of a range of templates (both spatial and in terms of documentation) to help land managers evaluate land for future investment for Dieback control.

More on this project can be found on the Project Dieback website.


Project details
  • Client: South Coast NRM
  • Date: January 2014

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