Dieback Information Delivery and Management System


The Dieback Information Delivery and Management System – also known by one of our favourite acronyms, DIDMS – was developed by Gaia Resources as a result of the State Wide Dieback Framework project we ran in 2014.

DIDMS is a user registered web based platform for storage, viewing, basic mapping and sharing of spatial Phytophthora dieback information by intermediate level users, as part of the Project Dieback initiative, run by South Coast NRM.  Effectively DIDMS has become the centralised database for all information on dieback, and on the treatments underway.  We tend to think of it much like an old school battle board where pieces are moved around to represent forces on the field – all aimed at countering the effects of the dieback disease.

Originally, we developed DIDMS using the Biological Data Recording System (BDRS, see here for details), and in subsequent revisions switched to using our Geographic Reporting Information Database (GRID, see here for details).  The switch was made to better enable the capture and management of a range of data types, and to fit in with a range of other evolving requirements that meant GRID was a more suitable platform for DIDMS going into the future.

DIDMS also has other tools we have developed including a publicly available web map, and additional support for tools using the QGIS package to interpret and analyse the data that is being collected through DIDMS.


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