Garnet Mining Australia


We had the opportunity in early 2020 to do a deep dive into the GIS system at Garnet Mining Australia (GMA) and help them to set up a best practice spatial environment for their core business workflows. This started with our standard GIS health check followed by the migration of data to a cloud-hosted database. We helped GMA to design file and folder naming conventions, and built up a guideline and set of procedures to help them easily manage their spatial data into the future.

This will create a more seamless experience for their workflows by using QGIS desktop GIS software to discover and load the most up-to-date information. Next up we will provide QGIS refresher training to GMA staff and a comprehensive handover of their new setup. In these difficult times with COVID-19 restrictions affecting businesses everywhere, we are looking at maintaining social distancing with a remote training session and combining classroom style training with our free online video tutorials.



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