Bushfire Planning


In early 2018, Gaia Resources were asked to provide GIS support and strategic consultancy to Bushfire Prone Planning (BPP). With a growing bushfire planning team in Perth, the BPP team needed to expand its use of GIS software beyond the 1-2 analysts based in remote offices. We provided initial advice to help them understand the benefits and limitations of using the free and open source GIS package QGIS across their business.

We first helped BPP to establish their core templates in QGIS so they could produce the same informative and professional products they had been creating in another GIS package, and then provided entry level training for their planners. Our support block model was then taken up to help provide a series of recommendations for best practice data management and governance approach (e.g. standards and procedures). Bushfire Prone Mapping are now actively using QGIS for their report maps and analyses, and implementing some of the technical recommendations.  We are looking forward to continuing to help BPP achieve their objectives in moving towards free and open-source technology.


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Project details
  • Client: Bushfire Prone Planning
  • Date: July, 2018

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