Biodiversity Standards and GIS Services


Gaia Resources undertook a short discovery exercise with the GIS Team Lead at Mineral Resources, to develop a Biodiversity Data Standard.  This consisted of a comprehensive governance document guiding the capture and storage of biodiversity data from both internal and external (consultant) workflows. The Standard includes a template spatial database for contractor data submission, and by virtue of its open-source nature, this spatial database is compatible with many common GIS software packages in use across the sector.

Initially engaged to deliver this Biodiversity Standard, we have been extended to work with them across a range of additional areas, including on-site support work for heritage and environmental data management services, data sourcing, analysis and map production. Our team are also assisting in establishing governance and frameworks around imagery management and spatial strategy.

As a multi-disciplinary resources company, Mineral Resources will benefit in coming years from a more streamlined approach to data collection, management and environmental compliance reporting across its operations. We anticipate the Standard and a single point-of-truth for biodiversity information will translate into operational efficiencies around efficient data discovery, self-service and quality. 


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