POS project wins award

Over the past year Gaia Resources have been working on a public open space project (POS) with the Centre for the Built Environment (CBEH) at the University of Western Australia. The aim of the POS project was to provide a web based tool to provide information on the provision and location of public open space (POS) and the facilities and amenities provided within parks across Perth and Peel.

Last week the POS project won the “Best Planning Ideas – Large Project Award” at the 2013 Western Australian Awards for Planning Excellence.


Fiona Bull from CBEH accepting the award

Judges’ Citation:
“This, first-of-its-kind, web-based geospatial tool has the potential to have a significant impact on how we plan, locate and develop public open space. The tool provides unique, innovative and consistent information via an extensive spatial database accessible to planning professionals, researchers and the general public.
It is a rigorous and responsive tool that enables a greater interpretation of the value and opportunity that public open space provides and allows the modelling of population growth on the current and future access and provision of public open space.”


Well done to the POS project team from both Gaia Resources and CBEH.


Try the POS Tool for yourself here


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