2023 Global Business Analysis Day: Business Analysis in the age of AI

It’s that time of year again; it is Global Business Analysis Day! At Gaia Resources, our Business Analysts provide great value in understanding, translating and refining client needs into requirements for technical teams to build solutions. They work closely with internal and external teams acting as a bridge between diverse stakeholders. We outlined their important role in our projects in our 2021 Global BA Day blog post. 

While Business Analysts are still an integral part of our teams, the IT field has changed since 2021. In line with Heraclitus’ words, “the only constant in life is change,” our world is ever evolving and tools such as Artificial Intelligence, or AI, are ever present in all areas of life. As a Business Analyst, this raises questions about how AI will change our work and impact the future of the BA role. What does the uptake and evolution of AI mean for a Business Analyst in 2023? What are the opportunities? Where are the efficiencies? What is the role of the human?

Business analysis does not occur in a vacuum. It is critical to understand and leverage relevant information at the right time. This can be a challenge given the volume of information available but the limited time frame available to gather and digest this information. Harnessing the tools at hand allows more time and energy for critical thinking, problem solving, mastery of business nuances and space for further specialisation.

It is here where the considered use of AI can prove beneficial. Employing AI in its various guises can condense and curate information at a speed that is unlikely to be matched by human analysis. If AI is considered another tool in the BA skillset, it can reduce time spent on manual tasks such as reviewing data to identify trends. 

That said, for AI to be impactful and most beneficial, it needs to be introduced at the appropriate time in the analysis process with methods to validate and cross-reference the outcomes. An understanding of what AI tools are appropriate for the task at hand is becoming essential knowledge for BAs. Further to the available tools, BAs will require the skill of effectively using the AI tools to generate desired outcomes. The job of a BA does not stop there; any output will require a close review to ensure accuracy, quality and consistency. 

Much of the above thinking is geared towards how AI can be used by a BA for the job at hand. However, we acknowledge this is only a small subset of AI. At the risk of stating the obvious, AI is an expanding field in its own right, and its uses and adaptation will grow in leaps and bounds. While change is a constant, we have a suspicion that AI and its uses will soon become a constant, too. At Gaia Resources, we are looking forward and thinking about these changes. We’re doing the review and the analysis. We are weighing the opportunities, identifying the risks and planning for a future where our Business Analysts can consider and incorporate AI to maximise their impact. We are excited for what’s next. 

If you want to know more about Business Analysts at Gaia Resources and how they can contribute to the success of your technical solutions, feel free to get in touch! Or start a conversation with us on Facebook, X or LinkedIn.

Sarah & Natalie 

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