Western Australian New Music Archive


Gaia Resources has been involved in the development of the new Western Australian New Music Archive (WANMA) website, which went into production and is now open for contributions in August, 2016.  You can also read more about this on our blog.

WANMA is an interactive web portal presenting a collection of content related to the history of new music in Western Australia. It includes audio and video recordings, images, and a range of documents, drawn from a wide range of different sources, including Tura New Music and the ABC Classic FM archives.  The portal also allows for bands and individuals to submit their own works to WANMA.

We took on this project as part of our Collections stream and have build a custom solution for WANMA to cater for their requirements, as our other open source collection platforms didn’t meet the brief.  This has resulted in the development of a highly responsive application (consisting of a storage engine, an API, data importers and a Single Page Application) that takes advantage of cloud computing (through Amazon Web Services) to ensure that this video, audio and other media content is replicated across the world, at a minimal cost to the project.

Gaia Resources continues to host, maintain and support WANMA over the next few years.


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