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From July, 2012 through to September, 2015 Gaia Resources worked with the State Records Office to migrate them from the previous archives system (based on AEON) through to a new system based on the Access to Memory (AtoM) open source system.

Throughout the project, we worked with the State Records Office to help with not only the choice of the system to move to, but also to further develop the AtoM product.  Specifically, in relation to this development, we created or upgraded a range of AtoM functionality including loans, reports, importing data, user registration, as well as the inclusion of the Australian Series System.  This project also included migrating and continuing to support the system post the launch of the system, and we maintain a strong relationship with the State Records Office.

This project also inspired some research and development by our spatial team to see what could be done with the newly digital archives, which you can read about in our blog post called “Hacking the Archives“.

You can read more about the project on our blog at this link, at the State Records Office blog at this link, and even at the AtoM web site as a success story (August 18, 2015).


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