Gaia Resources worked with the Microblitz team from the University of Western Australia to streamline the way in which their volunteer citizen scientists record the details of their physical soil samples that are then further analysed in the lab to determine the soil biodiversity.

This was done with three main development components;

  • a new back end system for the storage of the data about where the soil samples were taken,
  • a new web-based form for the submission of samples through the web, and
  • a new iOS mobile tool to facilitate the offline capture of information at the point of sampling.

All of this work was done under a technology partnership arrangement with the Microblitz team.  This included our attendance at different events to support the team and the technologies that underlie the project.

The launch of the new app was announced on ABC local radio – you can listen to an excerpt from the show using the media player below.

In 2017, we were (re-)engaged under an Inspiring Australia grant to refresh the Microblitz site, develop additional functionality and re-release the project in early 2018.


Read more about the project on the Citizen Science Hub at this link, or download the app directly from this link.


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