Citizen Science Projects


As part of our own research and development, we have run a number of our own citizen science projects internally with our staff to test our own tools, like the BDRS.  These have included:

  • The bat survey project, where our staff recorded bats around the Perth metropolitan area using Anabat recorders and our mobile tools (see our blog here from back in 2012),
  • Our Night Stalk event we held back in 2011 (aka “don’t ask Piers to identify a possum”),
  • The mole cricket experiments, where we used social media to record sightings of mole crickets (see our various blogs about this interesting insect),
  • Piers has migrated his own bird observations into our Gaia Resources BDRS instance, and has set up an ongoing survey using our mobile tools, and
  • Our “coffee” survey – where we have been using the app to record how good – or bad – the coffee is on our travels.

There are a number of other projects we’ve looked at with staff, and will be adding to in the future as we devleop more internal projects.


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