IGO-Copperchem Jaguar disturbance mapping


In early 2018, Gaia Resources were engaged by the Environmental Coordinator at Independence Group (IGO) to define ground disturbance across its Jaguar copper project exploration tenements. This spatial analysis involved our defined disturbance mapping workflow to assess recent aerial imagery for recent and historical drilling tracks, pads, access roads and facilities.

The large area of assessment and historical exploration activities necessitated a semi-automated approach, while accurate area calculations were needed to determine statistics for annual reporting against environmental approvals and the company’s obligations under the Mine Rehabilitation Fund (MRF).

Once the initial delineation of clearing was complete, Gaia Resources worked closely with the Environment team in a final review stage to ensure that the areas were correctly classified against MRF categories, and tabulated by tenement and by category in the required reporting format.

Since its acquisition of the Jaguar project from IGO, Copperchem have also engaged Gaia Resources to continue with ad-hoc support for disturbance mapping.



Project details
  • Client: Independence Group
  • Date: March, 2018

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