Great Victoria Desert Knowledge Hub


Gaia Resources were contracted in November, 2015 to deliver a “Knowledge Hub” for the Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust (GVDBT).  This project was built on an agreement between GVDBT and Rangelands NRM whereby this project contributes to the broader Knowledge Hub that uses Rangelands NRM’s instance of our GRID product.

The first phase involved the collation of a range of information (such as reports and survey records) from stakeholders into a single repository, from where our team then captured spatial boundaries and centroid points for each of the pieces of information.  This data was then uploaded into the Rangelands NRM GRID instance, into their nominated Knowledge Hub layers.  This same dataset drives a range of other Rangelands NRM projects, such as Pilbara Corridors.  The “heat map” layer for the Knowledge Hub was also updated, showing effort across the State.

The second phase was to implement the WordPress web mapping plugin we have developed into the existing GVDBT web site.  This involved a reworking of the plugin to meet some new requirements, and then this was implemented into the web site.  Our team provided support and training to GVDBT staff in order to ensure that this system is able to be managed sustainably from their side.

You can read more about this project on the GVDBT web site, or in their media release about their first round of funded projects.



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