CITIC Pacific Spatial Support


In November, 2015, Gaia Resources was called on to backfill spatial staff that were on leave from Citic Pacific Mining.

As part of the standard procedure we have around these sort of backfilling projects, our staff were provided to the client earlier than required at no cost to come up to speed with the systems within the client site (our “spin-up” time).  We also follow these projects up with a handover day at the other end of the project, again at no cost to the client, where they are brought up to speed with the tasks and issues that were identified during the contract period.

In this case, the project period was several weeks, and required little spin-up or handover as the systems were ones our nominated staff were familiar with.  We utilised the internal job tracking and management processes of the client to ensure that the transition was seamless when the client staff returned from leave.

For more information on how we can support your spatial team during busy or leave periods, please contact us.



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