Northern Territory aerial imagery capture program


In July, 2019 our partners Outline Global embarked on a 3 year contract to capture, process and supply aerial imagery across the Northern Territory. Gaia Resources provides a local client liaison and support resource for this project which covers the Darwin area and a broad range of towns and regional communities. Imagery and elevation models derived through photogrammetric methods are used by the Northern Territory government to support a wide range of programs and activities including infrastructure planning, flood modelling and environmental regulation. Data products from the program are distributed to the public via portals such as the Northern Territory Land Information System (NTLIS) and NRMaps.

Imagery capture is achieved through an innovative pod design that can be mobilised independently of the aircraft and crew, meaning that Outline Global is able to deploy its ground-breaking technology by using local pilots and contractors. Indeed this is one of the reasons why the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics were confident in selecting Outline and Gaia Resources to deliver against their program for the next three years. Click here for more information on Outline Global’s solutions.



Project details
  • Client: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
  • Date: July, 2022

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