Bush Blitz


Gaia Resources have worked with the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) on their Bush Blitz program for some time, assisting with a range of different sub-projects.

Our initial project work with Bush Blitz was around helping them to manage the data from their expeditions.  In these early stages, we helped run mobile field data capture checks, with our team attending the Bush Blitz at Ned’s Corner back in 2011.  We assisted with a range of different aspects of their field data capture, and ran a series of tests with different mobile tools.  We also set up their Bush Blitz web site back in this timeframe, and have been providing ongoing hosting and support for the project since.

In 2015, we embarked on a new phase of Bush Blitz support with the ABRS, starting with a workshop to capture the requirements for a new web site that could be more self-sufficient for the team.  This workshop delivered a rollout plan with a phased approach to revisiting the web site and data capture for the Bush Blitz project, and in 2016 we commenced the implementation by running training for the ABRS team in the new web infrastructure.

Further projects are in the rollout plan and will include more data management projects to ensure that the data from Bush Blitz surveys continues to be collected and stored in a sustainable manner.


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